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      你現在的位置:學校網首頁 - 小學試卷 - 一年級試卷 - 2012年小學一年級英語暑假作業


      所屬欄目: 一年級試卷
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      摘 要:暑假作業練習一part1聽力部分一.聽一聽連一連二、聽錄音給下列單詞編號dollyo-yocarplane()()()()shanghaizoograndtheatrenanpubridgemetro()()()()yangpubridge......




      doll yo-yo car plane
      ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

      Shanghai Zoo Grand Theatre Nanpu Bridge Metro
      ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

      Yangpu Bridge Huangpu River Nanpu Bridge the Bund
      ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )



      1.-------Look,this is the ( Nanpu Bridge, Yangpu Bridge ).

      ------Wow, so many ( ships, cars )

      2.I can go to the ( Shanghai Zoo, Grand Theatre ) by ( Metro, car )

      3.------Look, is that ( the Yangpu Bridge, the Huangpu Bridge )?

      ------Yes, it is.I can see many( ships, boats )

      4.That is ( the Bund, the Metreo). Can you see mang buildings?



      1. big small new old

      ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

      2. f ace ears eyes head nose

      ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

      3. a big nose small head two small eyes two big ears

      ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )

      4. a new doll an old yo-yo a big plane a small car

      ( ) ( ) ( ) ( )


      1. Look at the doll. She‘s got two( big, small ) ears.

      2. I‘v got a round ( face, nose ).

      3. Which apple do you like? I like the ( big,bag ) one. It‘s red.

      4. Superkid has got ( a big head, a small head ).


      1. small big new bag

      2. face ears pencil haed

      3. Shanghai Zoo small eyes The Bund Grand Theatre

      4. ears eyes nose hands



      ( ) A big head?

      ( ) A boy?

      ( ) That is a boy.

      ( ) He‘s got a big head

      ( ) Norman?

      ( ) Who‘s he?

      ( ) No, he is Superkid.




      1. face small ear nose

      2. panada mouse mouth monkey

      3. long big short hair

      4. crayon peach pear banana

      5. teacher nose nurse doctor

      6. father aunt postman grandma

      7. nurse uncle father mother

      8. pencil book eraser elephant

      9. snake mouse knife monkey

      10. apple peach orange new

      11. yo-yo crayon ball pen sharpener

      12. small cat mouse dog

      13. see smell taste car

      14. cookies sweets apples meat

      15. green yellow white tall

      16. fat long small metro

      17. Shanghai Zoo Grand Theatre Nanpu Bridge knife

      18. car ship plane yo-yo

      19. boy he she it

      20. I you he am


      ( )1. You’v got a new bag! It’s so nice!

      A: Yes,it is. B: Thank you!( )2. Hello ! Are you Sandy?

      A:No, I’m Sandy! B:Yes ,I’m Sandy!

      ( )3. What’s this ?

      A: I’m not Sun. B: It’s a bag.

      ( )4 .Tom has got a _________

      A: big ears B: big head

      ( )5.She ______ a red pencil-box.

      A: have got B: has got

      ( )6. I can ______ the car

      A: smell B: see


      1. small A: big B: face C: ears D: eyes

      2. pencil A: tall B: big C : head D: knife

      3. nose A: face B:fat C: thin D: mouse

      4. girl A: Sandy B: Norman C: Alice D: Tom

      5. is A: you B: I C: he D: am

      6. apple A: sweets B: cookie C: bone D: orange



      1. ( ) What‘s this?
      ( ) Sandy.
      ( ) Open it.
      ( ) Yes?
      ( ) This is my New Year;s gift.
      ( ) Wow! Nicky!

      2. ( ) Sorry,Sandy.
      ( ) I‘m not Tommy.
      ( ) Hello,Tommy.
      ( ) That‘s OK.
      ( ) Wow,you‘ve got a new bag!It‘s so nice.
      ( ) Thank you.

      3. ( ) That is the Huangpu River.
      ( ) Look, the Bund.
      ( ) So many ships.
      ( ) Wow,how beautiful!

      4. ( ) A big head?
      ( ) A boy?
      ( ) That is a boy.
      ( ) He‘s got a big head
      ( ) Norman?
      ( ) Who‘s he?
      ( ) No, he is Superkid.




      4.I _________ 5.doll___________6.yo-yo__________


      10.Shanghai Zoo__________11.Grand Theatre__________

      12.Nanpu Bridge_____________13. The bund___________




      23.boy__________24.girl__________25. short_________

      26.long____________27.nose________28.mouth ________


      32.thin___________33.Huangpu River_________________


      37.Thank you.____________ 38.pencil____________

      39.Open it!_______________ 40.This is.....__________

      41.That is...._____________ 42.has got_____________











      1、家庭成員類: father mother brother sister

      grandma grandpa uncle aunt

      2、職業類: worker driver teacher nurse postman postwoman policeman

      policewoman milkman milkwoman farmer actor actress waiter waitress dentist shop assistant

      3、動物類: lion tiger fox snake monkey

      panda mouse horse cow

      dragon cat dog parrot pigeon

      goldfish giraffe zebra rabbit elephant duck goose bird hen

      4、水果類: orange banana peach pear apple

      5、顏色類: black white red yellow blue

      pink purple brown grey green orange

      6、文具類: ruler eraser pen ball pen pencil pencil-box book bag crayon picture sharpener knife

      7、玩具類: doll yo-yo car plane ball ship

      8、形容詞: new old small big tall short fat

      thin beautiful young nice

      9、食物類: sweets cookie(s) bone(s) meat

      milk juice jelly cake chicken coke

      10、人稱代詞: I you he she it

      11、器官類: nose mouth ear eye face

      head hair

      12、動作類: see smell taste open hear

      sleep kick catch

      13、地點: the Bund Nanpu Bridge Shanghai Zoo Grand Theatre the Huangpu river

      14、交通工具: metro plane ship car

      15、游戲類: play football play hide-and-seek

      play ping-pong play games play basketball


      1、 What’s your name?

      2、 Who’s he?

      3、 Who’s she?

      4、 Who are you?

      5、 What’s this in English?

      6、 What’s that in English?

      My name is ________.

      He’s Mr King.

      She’s Carol.

      I’m Bill

      It’s a monkey.

      It’s a panda.

      7、 Is it a cat?

      8、 Is it your apple?

      9、 What colour is the cow?

      10、 What colour is your T-shirt?

      11、 How are you?

      12、 How old are you?

      13、 Are you a pupil?

      14、 Are you a doctor?

      15、 Have you got a sharpner?

      16、 Has she got long hair?

      17、 Has he got a yo-yo?

      18、 Has your mother got short


      19、 Has your father got a car?

      20、 What’s in it?

      21、 Good morning.

      22、 How much?

      23、 Here’s the money.

      24、 Goodbye.

      25、 Let’s play football.

      26、 I like dogs.

      Yes, it is. /No, it isn’t.

      Yes, it is. /No, it isn’t.

      It’s black and white.

      It’s purple.

      I’m fine, thank you.

      I’m _____.

      Yes, I am.

      No, I’m not.

      Yes, I have. No, I haven’t.

      Yes, she has. No, she hasn’t.

      Yes, he has. No, he hasn’t.

      Yes, she has. No, she hasn’t.

      Yes, he has. No, he hasn’t.

      A pencil.

      Good morning.

      Three yuan.

      Thank you.


      O.K./ All right./ Great./ Let’s go.

      Me, too.

      27、 I don’t like tigers.

      28、 What’s this?

      29、 What’s that?

      30、 What’s he?

      31、 What’s she?

      32、 What are you?

      33、 Is she your sister?

      34、 What’s your mother?

      35、 What’s your father?

      36、 Do you like dogs?


      1、You’ve got a new bag.

      2、I’ve got a blue pen.

      3、She’s got short hair.

      4、He’s got big ears.

      5、He’s tall.

      6、She’s fat.

      7、It’s small.

      8、I’m not Tommy. I’m Sandy.

      9、This is my New Year’s gift.

      10、That is the Huangpu River.

      Me, either.

      It’s an elephant.

      It’s a cat.

      He’s a policeman.

      She’s an actress.

      I’m a pupil.

      No, she’s my aunt.

      She’s a _______.

      He’s a ______.

      Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.

      11、How beautiful!

      12、I can smell a fish.

      13、I can see the fish.

      14、I can taste the fish.

      15、It’s not a duck. It’s a goose.

      16、Milk, please.

      17、Kick the ball.

      18、Catch the ball.

      19、My father’s sleeping.

      20、A nice picture.


      一. 圈出正確的答案

      1. A: Happy New Year!


      A. Hello! B. Happy New Year!

      2.A: You’ve got a new dress, It’s son nice.


      A. Bye-bye! B. Thank you!

      3. A: Are you Sandy?


      A. Yes, I’m Sandy. B. No, I’m Sandy.

      4. A: What’s that?


      A. It’s an old book. B. I’m not Sue.

      5.She a red pencil-box.

      A. has got. B. have got.

      6. A: Are you a dragon?


      A. No, I’m not a dragon. B. Yes, I’m a rooser.

      7. A: What’s this?


      A. It’s green. B. It’s a chick.

      8. A: Has he got a big nose?


      A. Yes, he’s got a small nose. B. No, he’s got a small nose.

      9. He got a bear.

      A. has. B. have.

      10. You a nice picture.

      A. has got. B. have got.

      11. A duck goes .

      A. Quack-quack,. Quack- quack- quack

      B. Chick-chick, chick- chick- chick.

      12. A: Look, The Yangpu Bridge.


      A. Thank you. B. How beautiful!

      13. So many animals in the

      A. Grand Theatre. B. Shanghai zoo.

      14. A: How much?


      A. Six yuan. B. Here’s the money.

      15. A: Is it a dog?


      A. Yes, it isn’t a dog. B. No, it isn’t a dog..

      16. A: Happy New Year.


      A. Happy birthday. B. Happy New Year.

      17. A: What’s this?

      B:It’s apple.

      A. a. B. an.

      18.Don’t open mouth.

      A. you. B. your.

      19. He a policeman

      A. are. B.is . C. am

      20. I a teacher.

      A. are. B.is . C. am

      21.I don’t like dogs. I like .

      A. rabbit. B. rabbits.

      22. A: What’s he?

      B:He’s a .

      A. waiter. B.waitress

      23. A: How much?


      A. 5 yuan. B. Thank you.

      24.A: I like apples


      A. Me,too. B. Me, either.

      25.A:Are you a teacher?


      A. No, I’m a teacher. B. Yes, I’m a teacher.


      1. nurse uncle father mother

      2. pencil jet book eraser

      3. snake mouse knife monkey

      4. apple peach orange new

      5. yo-yo crayon ballpen sharpener

      6. face small ear nose

      7. panda mouse mouth monkey

      8. long big short hair

      9. crayon peach pear banana

      10. teacher nose nurse doctor

      11. small cat hen dog

      12. see smell flower taste

      13. green yellow wolf orange

      14. nose ear eye left

      15. fat goose long small

      16. beautiful ship plane car

      17. mango bridge apple orange

      18. hand nose small mouth

      19. mother aunt brother jelly

      20. cake juice coke milk

      21. bird eraser mouse parrot

      22. peach pear pigeon apple

      23. green yellow brown yo-yo

      24. monkey pen ruler crayon

      25. car ship catch plane

      26. waiter worker father policeman

      27. apple yellow brown pink

      28. juice coke cookie milk

      29. tall small bus fat

      30. tall thin big tape

      31. pen ruler smell bag

      32. mouth mouse ear eye

      33. four five eight he

      34. pear yellow red white

      三. 圈出所給單詞的反義詞

      1. Short tall ball

      2. thin cat fat

      3. new old cold

      4. long tall short

      5. left light right

      6. small pig big

      四. 給下列句子排列順序

      1.( )Good morning. Three cakes, please.

      ( )Good morning.

      ( )Here you are.

      ( )Thank you,Good-bye.

      ( )How much?

      ( )Here’s the money.

      ( )Eight yuan.

      2. ( )My friend. He’s tall, He’s got a big nose.

      ( )Spotty! Spotty!

      ( )Who’s Spotty?

      ( )That’s Spotty.

      ( )Hi!Spotty.


      1.( )Good morning. A. Fine, thank you.

      2. ( ) Is he a milkman? B. He’s a farmer.

      3. ( )What’s he? C. Good morning.

      4. ( ) How are you? D. Yes.

      5. ( ) What’s this? E. It’s a wolf.

      六.閱讀短文判斷,正確的寫T。錯誤的寫 F

      (一). Hello. I’m Tom. I’ve got a yo-yo. It’s yellow. This is my uncle. He’s a postman.

      This is my aunt . She’s a doctor.

      ( ) 1. I’m Norman.

      ( ) 2.I’ve got a yo-yo.

      ( ) 3. My yo-yo is green.

      ( )4. My uncle is a policeman.

      ( ) 5. My aunt is a doctor.

      (二)This is Ben. He’s got a big head. He’s got small ears. This is Alice. She’s got a big doll. It’s pink. This is Tony, He’s got a red jet.

      1.Ben has got a .

      A. Big head B. Small ears

      2. This is Alice. She’s got a .

      A. small doll B. big doll

      3. What colour is the doll? It’s

      A. red B. pink

      4. This is Tony. He’s got a

      A. car B. jet

      5. What colour is the jet? It’s

      A. red B.yellow

      (三)“Meow-meow”.I’m Molly. I’m a cat. I can smell the mouse. I can see the mouse. I can taste the mouse. Oh!My!It’s not a mouse. It’s a toy.

      ( )1. Molly is a cat.

      ( )2. Molly can smell the flowers.

      ( )3. Molly can taste the fish.

      ( )4. Molly can see the mouse.

      ( )5. The mouse is a toy.

      (四)Look at the picture. This is Tom. He’s tall and thin. He can play basketball. This is Jenny. She’s short and fat. She can play pingpong. This is me(我). I’m short and thin. I can play hide-and –seek.

      ( )1.Tom is . A. tall and thin B. short and fat.

      ( )2. Jenny can . A. play basketball B.play pingpong

      ( )3. Jenny is . A. tall and fat B. short and fat

      ( )4. I’m . A. tall and thin B .short and thin.

      ( )5. I can . A.play hide and seek. B. play games




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